Paragliding (Parapente)

Guests of Chalet Le Sabot, we know, appreciate the beauty of nature and tranquil panorama of the mountains.

Take all this in from the unique and glorious perspective gained by the birds and embark on a paragliding adventure, with an instructor in tandem. As a bird rides the thermals, your instructor can maneuver the flight while you enjoy the views. An adrenalin rush as you take off can be followed by a gentle glide to the bottom of the mountain or varied with faster climbs taking you higher again or twirling you to the ground, whatever your preference.

A weightless experience that presents new sensations, fabulous!

Hang-gliding (Deltaplane)

A peaceful air sport combining modern technology with the forces of nature: The pilot is located in a harness suspended from the airframe and controls movement of the glider by shifting his body weight in opposition to a control frame. Modern aircraft flight control systems may also be used particularly for commercial flights.

Pilots can soar for hours and take you with them in a tandem flight! Gain thousands of meters of altitude in thermal updrafts, even perform acrobatics and glide with the birds, looking out over the beautiful mountainous terrain for hundreds of kilometers.  

Give a wave to your friends on the balcony at Chalet Le Sabot as you fly over your holiday accommodation!

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