Horse Riding

For a truly ‘local’ experience, enjoy and explore the Alpine scenery as have our ancestors for many centuries- on horseback. Discover paths and valleys those on wheels cannot, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural surroundings of the heart of the Oisans.

Accomplished riders and novices alike can partake, whether it be a lesson to improve horsemanship skills or a hack in the mountains to suit your ability. There are even annual ‘Pony Games’ if the kids are up for some friendly competition!

There are schools and clubs in the area offering lessons, courses, tours and hacks for adults and children.

Donkey Trekking

A truly traditional, quaint way to see the Alpes. 

Donkeys are gentle, docile affectionate creatures yet also hardy and surprisingly playful!

The âne (donkey) is a working animal but have also served as companions to the mountain folk for centuries. They will happily carry your bags and your children, whom they especially love.

As you are seduced by the beautiful scenery and allured by the scents of the flora along the hamlets and villages (never mind the warm smell of your hairy friend!) they will plod comfortably alongside you, taking all thoughts of hectic roads and incessant exposure to technology away in an instant.

Hikes, tours and activities can be organised for you to discover the Oisans, the Valbonnais, the great Matheysine and Beaumont and Ecrins National Park by keepers who put all their energy into you sharing unforgettable moments with their long- eared friends. An unmissable, family activity.

Donkeys also play an important role in village fairs, festivals and weddings, representing the traditional, peasant origins of such ceremonies.

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