Refreshing possibilities and charms offered by mountain lakes, torrents, man made lakes, swimming pools and fountains in the Oisans mountains and valleys invite you to rejuvenate and provide a source of well-being.

For the family there are many pools accessible locally, the nearest being in Oz itself. There is also an outdoor pool in Allemont.

From Chalet Le Sabot you could take a hike (or save a bit of energy and ride the gondola!) to the sports centre with both indoor and outdoor pools in Alpe d’Huez.


Melting glaciers in the nearby Briançon region during this warmer season ensure fantastic white waters for paddlers throughout the summer. Within easy reach from Chalet Le Sabot gain access to the many runs in this region, considered one of the best places to paddle in Europe and a favourite of kayaker’s from around the world.

In calmer sections observe the breathtaking beauty of the mountain scenery all around. During fast and furious moments, perhaps as you launch into a committing gorge, negotiating boulders, rapids, staircases and trying to stay out of the icy water, take a moment to appreciate your skills and embrace the challenge presented by the awesome, unspoiled landscape.

For experienced paddlers, the Romanche may be for you. Only part is runnable as it mostly runs through one of the deepest valleys in the French Alpes!
Ensure to obtain full details of runs and plan strategically considering safety factors such as water levels at different times of day and the severity of runs, some are not suitable for beginners. Lessons are available and instructors are available for accompanied excursions.


Rafting should most certainly feature in your plans during your summer holiday at Chalet Le Sabot. The run-off waters from the glaciers feed the Alpine rivers which have been commercially rafted on for some years and are accessible for all ability levels.

Trained guides can be hired or excursions booked to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all the family. Embark on a full day’s excursion or an adrenalin fuelled 3 hour adventure.

The versatility of the waters is encouraging to beginners, particularly in the upper ‘Guisane- where novice adults or children can have fun and discover the fantastic scenery. For a bit of fun you can also try ‘tubing’, ‘hydro- speeding’, mini-rafting or ‘hot dogging’!
Perfect for more experienced rafters, the lower sections of this river guarantee a fast exciting descent and an intense, exhilarating ride. Good technique and dexterous maneuvering are a must!


An increasingly popular, mixed discipline sport where the terrain dictates the activity along the route.

As part of an organised session, enjoy the thrill of maneouvering down fast flowing river beds sometimes swimming, frequently in white waters, climbing out for a hiking section, a bit of climbing then launching back into the water to carry on!

We know you love the mountains so if you also love water, thrilling and relatively intense activity and glorious scenery this is the activity for you!

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