Equipment Hire

There are several equipment shops in the village and all are just a short walk from the chalet. The closest being only 2 minutes walk and the furthest being nearly 3 minutes walk. They can supply everything needed to fully equip you for a holiday in the mountains, whether it be recreational or technical equipment you require.

Equipment you can Rent:

Racing bikes
Mountain bikes 
Free ride bikes
Full protection for free ride bikes
Children's bikes
Baby carrier for bike

We advise booking in advance- contact details on request

Equipment you can Purchase:

Personal Items

Mountain shoes (for adults and children)
Sun protection factor cream
Mountain clothing
Speciality socks.........................and much more.

General Items

Tennis balls
Table Tennis balls
Other types of balls
Badminton items
Frizbees....................................and much more.

Cycling Items

Inner tubes
Bidons (sports water bottles)
Spare parts for most makes of mountain and racing bikes.

If you have specific requirements or questions the shop staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. All shops have staff that speak excellent English which is great for those non-French speakers among us. Chalet Le Sabot are of course happy to help wherever possible however we do not claim to be experts, simply recreationally active! 

Although not technically "equipment", mountain guides can be an essential item in more extreme adventures. Chalet Le Sabot are able to connect you with excellent mountain guides, English speakers, who are incredibly knowledgable about the mountains, the locality and the dangers you may face.



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Equipment Hire

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Shops in resort

2 minutes walk from Chalet

Bikes of all types

Children's bikes

100's bike accessories


Children's items

Swimming accessories