Ski Lessons

Chalet Le Sabot will be happy to arrange all your ski lessons for you.

To get the most out of your ski or snowboard lessons it is important to find the right instructor for your ability level. Chalet Le Sabot will organise the best instructor for you or your children, we will make sure that your instructor can speak your language and our hosts will escort you and/or your children to meet with your instructor on your first day.

The ski school has an arrangement with the creche so that the young kids (3-6 years) can have a ski lesson in the morning and play in the creche in the afternoon. This is all arranged between the ski school and the creche and there is no need for mum or dad to be involved. This is a fantastic facility and works perfectly.

Definition of group lesson classes and ability levels

Class I need to be able to What I will learn
   0 I have never skied Basic control
Snow plough turn
Effective use of your equipment
Basic straight run
Introduction to the drag lift
   1 Control my speed and change direction on gradual slopes Basic turns
Rounded skidded traverse
Elementary diagonal sideslips
Basic parallel straight run
Stepping turns and skating steps
   2 Finish my turn with parallel skis and control my speed by skidding Basic short radius turns
Advanced side slipping techniques
Basic straight runs
Increased awareness of different terrain types
   3 Link small and large radius parallel turns controlling my speed Refined long and short radius turns
Refined skidding turns
Refined garlands
Refined straight running
Basic carved turns
Specific turns to handle different terrains
   4 Link small and large radius turns on all snow conditions and all terrain Expert turns
Expert short radius turns
Expert garlands
Expert straight running
Experience of different forms of alpine skiing

Lesson classes are for indication only. It is for the individual to determine the appropriate level for his or her ability.

All prices quoted are for individual lessons. Discounts are available for clients who wish to book a series of group lessons.

Please note that refunds cannot be given for adverse weather conditions, circumstances outwith our control or where the student does not show up for the lesson. Where a number of lessons have been booked in advance refunds can only be given 7 days prior to arrival. Lessons are also subject to availability.

All prices quoted exclude February.

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Private Lessons

1 Hour – from £50    

2 Hours – from £75

1/2 Day – from £135

Full Day – from £260

Hourly lessons can be for an individual or can be shared with another person.

Day and 1/2 day lessons can be for 1-5 people of all abilities.

Contact our office for more details and prices.

Group Lessons

Group lesson packages consist of 6 lessons over 6 consecutive days. Lessons can either be morning or afternoon.

Price £125 - £135 for 6 days

During ESF full day child group lessons supervision is provided the entire time, including over lunchtime. Instructors will take the kids to a restaurant then supervise snow play or even organise games.

There is an additional cost of around £30 for this 2 hour session which includes lunch.

With ESF children's lessons are offered from age 4- 13 years.

ESF also offer lessons in conjunction with the creche for children aged 3-6. Please see our 'Children' section for details.